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which is better Telgram or WhatsApp

  Which is better telegram  vs WhatsApp?

       Text messaging applications accept become actual accepted as added humans use it to accumulate in blow with accompany and family. There are abounding applications that are already accessible argument messaging. Abounding of them are free, while others amount a little money.

       WhatsApp has over 500 million users and believe me this is a pretty big number. In fact, studies have shown that many people began to spend more time on Facebook than WhatsApp. This has made Facebook really think about it and guess what happened - Facebook has acquired WhatsApp 19 billion (which is more than the GDP of many countries).
      Who also said that many people are not convinced that offers WhatsApp (essentially limited to the number of people in group chats, etc.) the application and continue looking for a better alternative. With the acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook, many people want to make a change to something more secure and safe.
       Anyhow turns out that WhatsApp is not the only good mobile messenge.the strong competitor of WhatsApp is telegram messenger .it`s new messaging application ,it`s has more than 40 million users actives in worldwide
The main question is that which is the better WhatsApp or telegram?
I will show you the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram 
Let`s begin by WhatsApp

  •     Relatively slower
  •     You can use it only in one device
  •           Does not have app for computer. Need to use android emulator
  •           We don’t feel that there is any security issue
  •                      aid for some devices and free for some. Message keeps on popping up (at times) that you will need to buy the app
  •        Group chat with 25/30 people possible
  •         Can’t send big videos or images – it trims them down.


Ø  Relatively faster
Ø  Install the app on multiple devices and use it on any/all device
Ø  Has an app for computer as well (mobile apps are offcourse present)
Ø  Telegram is also faster and way more secure (claimed by Telegram)
Ø  Free and will remain free – open source app
Ø  Group Chat with 200 people
Ø  Send Pictures, Videos etc of upto 1GB of size
Thanks for reading this article next article we will talk about how to use telegram
For your opinion which is better telegram or whatsapp help us with wrting your commentaires 

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