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download and install whatsapp on pc

download and install whatsapp on pc

   Many people already use e-mail for free on your smartphone, called WhatsApp, but not all people have a smart phone. However, everyone has heard of this application. Fortunately, although until a few years ago, WhatsApp was available only for phones, it seems that you now have the option to download WhatsApp on PC, too.
 How to download and install whatsapp on pc ?
   There are 10 steps   to download and install whatsapp on pc:
    In case you are interested to download WhatsApp for Windows PC, this is exactly what you should do:
  1)      Download BlueStacks from , which is a Windows application that allows you to download for free and use the free application messages easily.
  2)   Install the software, just by clicking the 
install BlueStack button.

   3)      Search for WhatsApp and download it.
  4)      After you download WhatsApp yes, double click on the downloaded file install
   5)   Click on BlueStacks icon in your Desktop in order to open it.
  6)  While you are in in BlueStacks, click on My Apps, and then on WhatsApp

7)      Accept the terms and conditions, in order to be able to use WhatsApp on PC
2    8)      Enter the phone number. Remember that if you use the mail service on your phone, in order to be able to have WhatsApp on Windows, a different phone number is required.
3    9)      Get the verification code which will be sent to your phone.
4   10)      Once you receive your code via a text message, enter the received code field and you're done! After to download and install whatsapp on pc  ,import contacts, create a profile, update their status and start chatting with your friends by sending them pictures and even videos. Everything that could be done by the smartphone can be reached now easier to download and install WhatsApp on your PC.

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