top of 5 application ubpadtes in last may of 2014

When we take a look at the applications most commonly used for this week. We found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps

which is better Telegram Or Whatsapp

Text messaging applications accept become actual accepted as added humans use it to accumulate in blow with accompany and family.

which is better Viber Or Whatsapp

Viber has landed the first punch, support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Since VoIP calls over a data connection

whatsapp ,viber and wechats

Explain with pictures and video and the latest exclusive articles of whatsapp , viber, wechat and more

Wechat Or Wechat

there are 5 Reasons why Wechat is the best in messaging application android

Share multiples images

Whatsapp has gradually become the lifeline of our communication So, in order to send several images...

download and install Whatsapp On your PC

There are 10 steps to download and install whatsapp on pc

mercredi 28 mai 2014

how to download and install telegram apps on your laptop

how to download and install telegram apps on your laptop

    Befor talking about how you can download and install telegram on your Laptop .i want to tell you that this apps messenger is the best ( it`s better than whatsapp ) because it`s has many features.

        Read this article in order to know why telegram is the best in messaging apps
How to download and install Telegram on your Laptop ( telegram for Windows and for Mac)
For using telegram on your Laptop ,sending images and videos  ,just follow  4 easy steps

Step 1: click this link and click on  download app player , After successfully installing the BlueStacks on your PC, open the BlueStacks App player.

Step 2:  On the HOME page of BlueStacks App Player, you will find a SEARCH bar on the Top Right side. Use the search bar and search for Telegram messenger
Step 3 : when you find the app, click it and then install the application from BlueStacks. The page will be redirected to the download page Play Store or the App Store, depending on the operating system and platform of the device you choose BlueStacks system.

Step 4:  Now click install and Accept the download and Install procedure just like you install any app in the Play Store or App Store. The app will be downloaded and installed on to your BlueStacks Emulator.

enjoy with it by adding contact and messaging them,enjoy with it by adding contact and messaging them
for more exclusive articles about android apps
for more exclusive articles about android apps

mardi 27 mai 2014

which is better Telgram or WhatsApp

  Which is better telegram  vs WhatsApp?

       Text messaging applications accept become actual accepted as added humans use it to accumulate in blow with accompany and family. There are abounding applications that are already accessible argument messaging. Abounding of them are free, while others amount a little money.

       WhatsApp has over 500 million users and believe me this is a pretty big number. In fact, studies have shown that many people began to spend more time on Facebook than WhatsApp. This has made Facebook really think about it and guess what happened - Facebook has acquired WhatsApp 19 billion (which is more than the GDP of many countries).
      Who also said that many people are not convinced that offers WhatsApp (essentially limited to the number of people in group chats, etc.) the application and continue looking for a better alternative. With the acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook, many people want to make a change to something more secure and safe.
       Anyhow turns out that WhatsApp is not the only good mobile messenge.the strong competitor of WhatsApp is telegram messenger .it`s new messaging application ,it`s has more than 40 million users actives in worldwide
The main question is that which is the better WhatsApp or telegram?
I will show you the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram 
Let`s begin by WhatsApp

  •     Relatively slower
  •     You can use it only in one device
  •           Does not have app for computer. Need to use android emulator
  •           We don’t feel that there is any security issue
  •                      aid for some devices and free for some. Message keeps on popping up (at times) that you will need to buy the app
  •        Group chat with 25/30 people possible
  •         Can’t send big videos or images – it trims them down.


Ø  Relatively faster
Ø  Install the app on multiple devices and use it on any/all device
Ø  Has an app for computer as well (mobile apps are offcourse present)
Ø  Telegram is also faster and way more secure (claimed by Telegram)
Ø  Free and will remain free – open source app
Ø  Group Chat with 200 people
Ø  Send Pictures, Videos etc of upto 1GB of size
Thanks for reading this article next article we will talk about how to use telegram
For your opinion which is better telegram or whatsapp help us with wrting your commentaires 

mardi 20 mai 2014

Which is better viber or whatsapp?

 Which is better viber or whatsapp?

Viber has landed the first punch, support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Since VoIP calls over a data connection, and you can use normal Wi - Fi network , you can make free calls to other Viber users call anywhere in the world.

  Just press a contact - as you would with people hub on the phone - and you will be redirected to their profile page , which allows you to make a call, send a message , e-mail or instant call / text mobile .

Viber is particularly easy to handle, especially when it comes to your application. Please enter your phone number, Viber and find everyone you know your phone number. As with WhatsApp, it is not necessary to remember usernames and additional passwords - just open the app and go.

  We also like Viber original design, with soft colors and used a cartoon owl made ​​an appearance in each of the different points of view. It may not add anything to the user , but it certainly gives the application of a kind look and feel.

WhatsApp offset by the ability to send a voice message at the push of a button. Just press the microphone icon in Messenger ; let go to stop recording . Press ' Send' and the other person receives the message. Wich is bettere viber or whatsapp?

  It is easy to see the profile information of other members WhatsApp, check the media content that is sent between access to contact information, or share this information with other friends. You can also add contacts to the home screen, which shows the dialogue WhatsApp touch of a button.

When it comes to multimedia files, click the attachment and you will be able to add images from your photo album, take a new picture, select, and upload videos, send audio files and share location information.

Which is better viber or whatsapp?

    Although both applications offer many of the same characteristics, we believe that everyone has his own super-competitive. Viber wins when it comes to voice calls. WhatsApp is a victory in the field of text and picture messaging. A great advantage they have in common is the ability to save a lot of money - especially when the long-distance communication Wi-Fi.

   The fact that each application has it's good just to have more attractive. With it being so easy to switch between applications, we would say that we have two winners ..

            Which is better viber or whatsapp ? Let us know in the comments below.

samedi 17 mai 2014

download and install whatsapp on pc

download and install whatsapp on pc

   Many people already use e-mail for free on your smartphone, called WhatsApp, but not all people have a smart phone. However, everyone has heard of this application. Fortunately, although until a few years ago, WhatsApp was available only for phones, it seems that you now have the option to download WhatsApp on PC, too.
 How to download and install whatsapp on pc ?
   There are 10 steps   to download and install whatsapp on pc:
    In case you are interested to download WhatsApp for Windows PC, this is exactly what you should do:
  1)      Download BlueStacks from , which is a Windows application that allows you to download for free and use the free application messages easily.
  2)   Install the software, just by clicking the 
install BlueStack button.

   3)      Search for WhatsApp and download it.
  4)      After you download WhatsApp yes, double click on the downloaded file install
   5)   Click on BlueStacks icon in your Desktop in order to open it.
  6)  While you are in in BlueStacks, click on My Apps, and then on WhatsApp

7)      Accept the terms and conditions, in order to be able to use WhatsApp on PC
2    8)      Enter the phone number. Remember that if you use the mail service on your phone, in order to be able to have WhatsApp on Windows, a different phone number is required.
3    9)      Get the verification code which will be sent to your phone.
4   10)      Once you receive your code via a text message, enter the received code field and you're done! After to download and install whatsapp on pc  ,import contacts, create a profile, update their status and start chatting with your friends by sending them pictures and even videos. Everything that could be done by the smartphone can be reached now easier to download and install WhatsApp on your PC.

samedi 10 mai 2014

WhatsApp or Wechat

  there  are 5 Reasons  why Wechat is the best in messaging application android 

1) Web Wechat
This we think is the coolest feature ever! In office and can’t keep juggling between your PC and your phone? Don’t bother. Get WeChat on your PC! Simply log into the profile through your PC and continue your conversations. While a back-up is the conversation is created on your phone, all records are deleted from your system. 
2) Shake
Another fun feature is the Shake Feature. Users can just activate the feature and proceed to shake their phone. As they do that, if there’s anyone else anywhere in the world shaking their phones at that instant, their names will pop up on your list! Connect and start chatting!
3) Drift Bottle
This is one feature we absolutely, simply love! The Drift Bottle feature. You can throw bottles into the sea with voice or test message (once the drift bottle feature is activated) and someone from anywhere in the world will pick it! You can pick others bottles too! How amazing is that! 
4) Look Around
WeChat is not restricted to your network of friends but also helps you in expansding the network. Using the Look Around feature, you can look at the active WeChat users in a particular area and connect with them. 

5) moment s
One reason we love Whatsapp is because it allows us to share images and video files so easily! But WeChat takes it 2 steps further. Using their special feature called ‘Moments’ you can share pictures not just with friends, but with the world! It’s pretty much like using the Public feature on your Facebook profile

vendredi 9 mai 2014

share multiple images via whatsapp on iphone

Whatsapp has gradually become the lifeline of our communication
So, in order to send several images to your contact on whatsapp, this is how you are supposed to go about it:

    1) Make sure you have the latest version of Whatsapp like mentioned above. Open the chat window of the contact whom you wish to send multiple images
    2) Click on the extra icon located left to the typing field and select ‘Chose Existing Photo’ and select from the several folders which you may have on your device.
    3)Select the very first photo that you want to send and select the plus icon that will show up at the bottom of the new window.
    4)The plus sign will open up images on your device and here you can select several images at one go which you want to send to your contact.
    5)Once you have selected the images you want to send, you will come back to the window where all the images you have selected appear. You can now rearrange these images by simply holding on to them and moving them around.
    6)Once done, you click on the send button and all the images you have selected will be sent at one go.

mercredi 7 mai 2014

whatsapp in north africa

Whatsapp in North Africa

  WhatsApp has become a very popular (read: FREE) alternative to traditional text messaging.  Over the past few years, many smartphone users have shifted from using BlackBerry Messenger and other instant messaging apps to WhatsApp. This is especially true for activists in much of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.
The growing popularity is understandable considering that this cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphonesonly costs $0.99 for iPhone users and nothing for other platforms.  With more than 200 million active users monthly, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum boasted that “We’re bigger than Twitter today,” at a conference in April. According to company statistics, WhatsApp users are quite active - sending 12 billion and receiving 8 billion messages per day.   
With WhatsApp you can send free messages to friends, family, colleagues, etc. anywhere in the world.   In addition to messaging, you can create groups and exchange an unlimited number of images, video and audio media messages.  Sounds pretty great, right?
Unfortunately, WhatsApp is less than perfect when it comes to issues of privacy and security. In 2011, the app came under scrutiny when researchers found a security hole that left user accounts vulnerable.  Until August 2012, messages were sent in unencrypted plain-text format. Currently WhatsApp support staffclaim that messages are encrypted; however, they have not specified what type of cryptographic method is used. According to one blogger, WhatsApp tried to implement some level of cryptography in 2012, but researchers quickly found that they were using a broken system of RC4 ciphers. In addition, researchers found that anyone can hack into a user’s account by logging in with the MD5 hash of the reversed IMEI number.

dimanche 4 mai 2014

easy steps for installing Whatsapp on Galaxy tab 3

      If you own an android smart phone then you are definitely using Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is a free messaging app for android with which you can send text messages and media files like images, audio files and video files;

  1. Download and install the latest version of Whatsapp for android here.

  • Now install the app. If install is blocked enable unknown sources. Then re-install the app.

    1. Now after installing the app, open it. When you open it you will see a welcome screen. Click the ‘Agree and continue’ button.
    2. When you click this button a note will open stating that “tablets are currently not supported.”. Click OK to begin the setup.
    3. On the next screen you need to enter your phone number and choose the right country where you lives in.
    4. Enter the phone number which you use often. Do not enter your friend’s phone number.
    5. After entering the phone number click OK.
    6. When you click OK a popup will open asking you to verify your phone number. Click OK again
    7. Whatsapp will automatically try to send a sms to the number specified by you. But after few minutes the sms verification will fail.
    8. Now you will have to verify your number via voice call. Click the ‘Call me’ button to receive a voice call on that number. Hear the 6 digit verification code carefully. Enter this code in Whatsapp to verify your phone number.

    9 steps for using WhatsApp

    if you want to use Whatsapp you should follow 9 seteps

    1. Download WhatsApp for your phone. The app is available on its website and in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.
    2. Launch the app from your smartphone. Follow the onscreen prompts to create a WhatsApp account that will be linked to your phone number. Allow WhatsApp to sync with your Contacts to message people you know with ease.
    3. Manage your Favorites. Once in your account, you will see all of your contacts who already have a WhatsApp account on the "Favorites" tab. Keeping this list will allow you to know who has WhatsApp, but it may be too cluttered if you want to access a few frequent contacts with ease.
             4.Change your status. Tap "Status" in the bottom horizontal navigation bar. Tap the "+"            in         the top right corner to add a new custom status.


    WhatsApp est une application mobile de messagerie multiplateforme vous permettant d'échanger des messages sans avoir à payer pour vos SMS. WhatsApp Messenger est disponible pour iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone et Nokia, et oui, ces appareils peuvent communiquer
    entre eux ! Il n'y a pas de coûts associés à vos messages et pour rester en contact avec vos amis car WhatsApp Messenger utilise le même forfait données que vous utilisez pour l'e-mail et la navigation web.
    En plus d'une messagerie traditionnelle, les utilisateurs WhatsApp peuvent créer des groupes, et s'envoyer autant d'images, de vidéos et de messages audio qu'ils le souhaitent.


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