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Top 5 Paid weather app for android 2014

Top 5  Paid weather app for android 2014

    I think that everyone cares about the Weather ,  It has the capacity to fully determine how we spend our day. We dress based on the Weather
   If you want to do anything outside your home ( Sport,Shopping , walk,picnic,swimming) ,you will need  to know all informations about Weather  in week like Predictions not tri-schedule for the coming week including temperature, speed and wind direction, the likelihood and amounts of precipitation and relative humidity.

we’re going to take a look at the top  6 paid  weather  apps for Android  2014 .

WeatherPro(29.99 mad)

 one of the   Top 5  Paid weather app for android 2014 is WeatherPro 
 app 5 stars, which has received several awards, offers unparalleled detailed and high quality information.
• Forecasts to not tri-schedule for the coming week including temperature, speed and wind direction, the likelihood and amounts of precipitation and relative humidity
• View forecast as graphs for easier reading
• Alerts and warnings for weather extremes
• Satellite imagery for the entire globe and animated radar for the USA, Australia and most of Europe
• Login to your personal weather stations in partnership with Netatmo
• Functionalities additionnal: Photos Weather, Weather News, Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide
• Customizable Widgets (you can choose your color, transparency level, location, intensity etc..) Live Wallpaper with updated and compatible wallpapers weather with App2SD
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AccuWeather Platinum (16.19 MAD)

   Automatic notifications when weather alert in the United States - function now available on the shelves.
   • Global weather alerts in case of snow, hail, rain, wind and chance of rain.
   • AccuWeather Forecast My customizable relating to lifestyle, may have an impact on your health and your outdoor activities.
   • Home screen widget with displaying two-day forecasts with weather alerts based on your GPS location and a clock. Resizable widgets for multiple sites are also available with more weather information.
  • Overlay radar throughout North America and Europe and worldwide satellite images on Google Maps ™ interactive maps images. A snapshot maps of each registered location is also accessible.
  • Bulletins and weather news in video form (often available both in English and Spanish).
look this video in order to know how to  use this app

InstaWeather Pro(8.50 MAD)

1 Weather App in the United States, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy and other countries 100
Downloaded over 17'000'000 times!
-. 'If you want to take your Instagram photos to another level, this could be the perfect app for you "
- "InstaWeather - bath social, sunbathing,"
- ". InstaWeather is ideal for displaying shots trips so that their followers do not only get an idea of ​​what is seen, but the cold or heat is"
- "This is a great way to customize your prediction" in Mrtaylor3234

- ". The idea is simple, the design is clean and it is a new way of communicating information"
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eWeather HD(29.00 MAD)

  First application in the world with widgets weather map and map earthquakes.
eWeather HD is a visually stunning and full of features application. Get accurate weather information and forecasts to ten days, alerts and weather maps and temperature maps and multi-layered weather and so much more directly on your screen!
eWeather HD will help you plan your outdoor activities with amazing accuracy. Take a simple look at the weather and you will know when to take your shot clock umbrella! eWeather HD also includes interactive weather maps, maps of earthquakes and detailed maps of weather.
eWeather HD uses two sources (located in the USA and Europe) to bring you detailed hourly forecasts as well as forecasts to ten days. This multi-vendor system allows you to choose the most accurate weather data for your location.
Barometer - a diagram showing the pressure changes of the last 24 hours. You can now know the cause of headaches or migraines if they are related to changes in atmospheric pressure. A warning is displayed in red when the barometer detects changes by more than 0.2 inhg (5 mmHg)
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Meteo Earth (34.99 MAD)
MeteoEarth is spectacular weather app MeteoGroup -. Developers also WeatherPro ***
After a professional tool used by broadcast TV presenters around the world, MeteoEarth gives life to the weather using the technology of video games and amazing graphics.
• Navigate on a world map in one click
• Zoom in and de-zoom and rotate the globe as if nothing had happened
• Put pause to highlight a particular weather situation and move back away easily on the situation
• Save an unlimited number of favorite places
• Follow Cloudy travel, thunderstorms, and systems of high and low pressure
• Choose which display layer (eg cloud cover, rain, wind, etc..) - The PREMIUM version can display multiple layers simultaneously
This interactive application will not fail to surprise you and to see a rainy front moving over Europe showing cloud cover, wind currents, rain or snow. Some of the new features include:
• The ability to access more detailed with stunning visual topography temperature maps
for more look this video

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