mercredi 18 juin 2014

the latest best news in 2014 for the lover of twitter ;twitter support animated GIF

   the latest best news for the lover of twitter ;twitter support animated GIF

Twitter today launched the ability to share and view animated GIF and official applications for iPhone and Android.

While GIF is supported reception service, users must go through the third platform Giphy. With today's release, you can completely ignore it and load GIF directly from all your devices.

Animated GIFs are a beloved part of the Web and its official presentation is long on Twitter. Based on our initial tests, it seems that these clips will not play automatically in your diet - similar to the screws and other integrated media, users must click the "View Photo" or the Play button to view.

Although undoubtedly affect the enjoyment of sharing GIF files - its impact comes from how the autostart and loop - Twitter integration which means that they will have no negative impact on service performance
Of course, there are still platforms will not be able to view animated GIF files in your diet. TweetDeck, the official Twitter client application for Mac and Windows Phone all been left out in the cold for now. However, this is a good start and we suspect that the missing platforms will be added over time.

Now go and Internet. Do what you have done. Find GIF, and share them on Twitter, without hesitation

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