top of 5 application ubpadtes in last may of 2014

When we take a look at the applications most commonly used for this week. We found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps

which is better Telegram Or Whatsapp

Text messaging applications accept become actual accepted as added humans use it to accumulate in blow with accompany and family.

which is better Viber Or Whatsapp

Viber has landed the first punch, support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Since VoIP calls over a data connection

whatsapp ,viber and wechats

Explain with pictures and video and the latest exclusive articles of whatsapp , viber, wechat and more

Wechat Or Wechat

there are 5 Reasons why Wechat is the best in messaging application android

Share multiples images

Whatsapp has gradually become the lifeline of our communication So, in order to send several images...

download and install Whatsapp On your PC

There are 10 steps to download and install whatsapp on pc

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top scare pranks 2014 for strongest hearth only

mercredi 18 juin 2014

the latest best news in 2014 for the lover of twitter ;twitter support animated GIF

   the latest best news for the lover of twitter ;twitter support animated GIF

Twitter today launched the ability to share and view animated GIF and official applications for iPhone and Android.

While GIF is supported reception service, users must go through the third platform Giphy. With today's release, you can completely ignore it and load GIF directly from all your devices.

Animated GIFs are a beloved part of the Web and its official presentation is long on Twitter. Based on our initial tests, it seems that these clips will not play automatically in your diet - similar to the screws and other integrated media, users must click the "View Photo" or the Play button to view.

Although undoubtedly affect the enjoyment of sharing GIF files - its impact comes from how the autostart and loop - Twitter integration which means that they will have no negative impact on service performance
Of course, there are still platforms will not be able to view animated GIF files in your diet. TweetDeck, the official Twitter client application for Mac and Windows Phone all been left out in the cold for now. However, this is a good start and we suspect that the missing platforms will be added over time.

Now go and Internet. Do what you have done. Find GIF, and share them on Twitter, without hesitation

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Smartphone Keyboard App can predict what you want to write

Smartphone Keyboard App can predict what you want  to write

    I thimk that every user of smartphone need to use  Keyboard App   for doing anything (typing message ,searching , watching youtube ,playing games….. ) . the Keyboards  are  small. Mistakes are easy to make even the simplest words. And self-correcting typos corrected errors often introduced by changing the words that have a lot to do with what it means to people.

   And pushed consumer irritation strike the likes of Google and Apple and many complained from the start to try to put keyboards app  chip smartphone - with the knowledge that there is a great opportunity to have a prominent place in the hands of users.

    Perhaps no company, however, has found more success with keyboards app improve SwiftKey before the start of London issued a keyboard application in 2010. SwiftKey this application, which cost $ 4 until last Wednesday, when they become available, which is the downloaded more than 30 million times. And "is considered one of the most popular payment applications on smartphones to Google Play Store.

   Expected to apply what is going to send the next use of intelligence and a lot of information on the Internet, including applications written in another man, namely, that the words that are commonly used. At that time   applies this information to predict what you write next ..

"There is an enormous strategic value for the keyboard app," said Jon Reynolds, 28, co-founder of SwiftKey, the application is currently used by nearly 250 million mobile phones. "Whatever application you use your phone, We'are."

SwiftKey technological growth and attracted the attention of technology giants worldwide. Google and Facebook, for example, have raised questions about a possible acquisition of the company, if it has reached an agreement, according to several people who spoke on condition of anonymity because they don 'they were not authorized to speak publicly about such conversations.
A spokesman declined to comment on takeover rumors.
Finding a plan for long-term growth and not 'been easy. SwiftKey announced last week that it was ending its business model fee. But now the app is free, and the company charges users to extras such as different color themes of the keyboard.
This freemium model itself, which is popular with companies online games such as King, the creator of Candy Crush franchise, SwiftKey is an effort to attract new consumers, especially in developing markets. In countries like India and China, people are often reluctant to pay for smartphone applications, and prefer to download and pay for premium content.
"China is the next billion smartphone users," said Ben Medlock, 35, co-founder of SwiftKey. "The freemium model will help us to build our user base."
So far, the application has been limited to Android, which allows third-party developers like SwiftKey to change the look of the operating system. SwiftKey has also partnered with handset manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, and the application is installed on a large number of its new high-end phones.
However, while the implementation is always looking to increase their Android users, which has about 80 percent of the smartphone market in the world and is commonly used in low-cost models, SwiftKey also wants to attract Apple users.
This month, Apple announced that it has opened its third-party keyboard apps  like SwiftKey applications. The launch had already collaborated with Evernote, the popular note-taking application, with the predictive keyboard apps  in Apple's iPhone. SwiftKey but now says it is working on a keyboard application software running on Apple's smartphone.
"As the Android experience is better, Apple should consider a more open," said Richard Wong, a partner at venture capital firm Accel Partners, California, which has invested in SwiftKey. "Despite becoming" smart phones, most of the applications have remained silent. "
Finding Success with Apple will not be easy. While Apple has said that other companies could develop applications for the operating system, Apple has also introduced its own predictive keyboard app  that has included in its new mobile operating system - a keyboard  app that works a bit 'as the product of SwiftKey. This can make it difficult to convince users to download a separate keyboard.
"You have to have control of the operating system," said Nick Dillon, a senior analyst with technology research firm Ovum in London. "This helps to Apple and Google. SwiftKey for, there is a limit to what they can do."
SwiftKey has built its success so far in customization.
In the mining of its users and other online sources, the application can provide different estimates of text for each individual, depending on their type, what are their interests and the language they use.
An American, for example, you may be asked to use the word "football" in a text message on the World Cup in Brazil, and is offered to a user British "football." In total, SwiftKey now offers forecasts words in 66 languages, including Mongolia and Welsh. You are running a trial of a Japanese version and plans soon to introduce a Chinese edition.
"We draw from many different sources - this is the best way to understand what people are trying to get," said Joe Osborne, who leads the team SwiftKey predictive text "From the first moment, we are able to figure out exactly how. Read ".
SwiftKey keyboard app can be customized depending on what and how each person in the e-mail, social networking sites like Facebook, and mobile search on Google.
Users can link their accounts on-line predictive text algorithms APP. SwiftKey discusses his personal habits such as Twitter to adapt to each user suggestions.
The company says it is compliant with data protection in Europe, which are more stringent than those of the United States. SwiftKey also said that people should choose to add to their account on the system, and are not automatically recorded by the personalization service.
In the context of the overall implementation of SwiftKey, Caroline Gasperin, a Brazilian who heads the group of languages ​​of the company, he spent more than two years of work in the Japanese version before its introduction last month. His team of 11 people to break the complexity of the prediction of words in the language based on the characters. The trial lasted two years - as opposed to less than a week is needed to build a similar model for a European language.

"We started the company to do a better keyboard," said Mr. Reynolds, co-founder. "From the beginning, our goal was to reach more than one billion mobile phones."
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Top 5 paid world cup apps 2014 for android

Top 5 paid world cup apps 2014  for android 

       Starting from today to July 13 will be the World Cup of soccer in 2014 in Brazil. This global event is expected Guibl of millions all over the world. Estimates indicate that more than one billion viewers will watch the matches live on television or online. lovers of this sport  like to follow the latest news of this event ( time and the result of any match,the news of gruops ,staduims ..)
    In this article  we will talk about the top 5 paid world cup 2014  app for ondroid of world cup ,encourage us by adding your comment

Top 5 paid  world cup apps 2014  for android 

the features of this app

Watch games on the home screen; 
Information on a particular group (games, team and country); 
About the stage for the World Cup; 
New choice; 
And summoned the players; 
Update data in real time; 
Watch a game in progress on the main screen.

the features of this app

(Includes all features / languages ​​of the free version, but without ads, and more Vuvuzelas World Rankijngs link - button 'R' central) 
★ Countdown to 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil 
★ Fifa World Cup 2014 News 
★ Videos + additional news 
★ World Cup match games 
★ World Cup match results 
★ Table of previous winners 
★ World Cup and finalists 
★ Some files World Cup interesting 
★ World Cup 2014 Pro Free Ad 
★ World Cup 2014 Pro includes Vuvuzela sounds 
★ Display of vuvuzelas on screen countdown to the World Cup Pro 2014 can be enabled / disabled 
★ The World Cup 2014 APP has been localized for the most used languages 
★ Galaxy tablet as compatible (and other tablets)

World Cup Premiere Pro

the features of this app

The best and most complete application to track and not miss any detail of the Brazil 2014 World Cup. 
Follow the results of matches and classification of teams participating in the World Cup Brazil 2014. 
Buy the Pro version and receive notifications of goals live, real-time games. 
Features Pro Version: 
1 - Notification of live real-time when going out of the games goals of selections. 
2 - Removal of advertisements. 

Wait for more news on upcoming releases. I hope you enjoy and evaluate with 5 stars! 

Brazil 2014 World Cup - Pro

the features of this app

GoPro - ad-free version of your favorite application. The six FIFA regions in all time zones. Qualify for the final. Set your favorite team and calendars to see the results, and group calendars wise results, the countdown in all time zones, groups, points, reminders, news, ratings Format, Facebook, Twitter, G+, time limit for spaces date, sequential and more.
• Information about the six FIFA regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Central America, Oceania and South America
• Set your favorite team
• Setting the Time Zone
• Schedule & Results Team wise,
• Qualifications: schedules, results, teams, regions, groups and Points
• Schedules and Results that device for your time and all time zones.

• Final: Schedule dates, places and at different stages of the competition 

Listen to all of the World Cup matches LIVE.
Don't miss a game no matter where you are... at work, at play or on the road.
Catch every game live right on your device.

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Top 5 Paid weather app for android 2014

Top 5  Paid weather app for android 2014

    I think that everyone cares about the Weather ,  It has the capacity to fully determine how we spend our day. We dress based on the Weather
   If you want to do anything outside your home ( Sport,Shopping , walk,picnic,swimming) ,you will need  to know all informations about Weather  in week like Predictions not tri-schedule for the coming week including temperature, speed and wind direction, the likelihood and amounts of precipitation and relative humidity.

we’re going to take a look at the top  6 paid  weather  apps for Android  2014 .

WeatherPro(29.99 mad)

 one of the   Top 5  Paid weather app for android 2014 is WeatherPro 
 app 5 stars, which has received several awards, offers unparalleled detailed and high quality information.
• Forecasts to not tri-schedule for the coming week including temperature, speed and wind direction, the likelihood and amounts of precipitation and relative humidity
• View forecast as graphs for easier reading
• Alerts and warnings for weather extremes
• Satellite imagery for the entire globe and animated radar for the USA, Australia and most of Europe
• Login to your personal weather stations in partnership with Netatmo
• Functionalities additionnal: Photos Weather, Weather News, Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide
• Customizable Widgets (you can choose your color, transparency level, location, intensity etc..) Live Wallpaper with updated and compatible wallpapers weather with App2SD
look at this video

AccuWeather Platinum (16.19 MAD)

   Automatic notifications when weather alert in the United States - function now available on the shelves.
   • Global weather alerts in case of snow, hail, rain, wind and chance of rain.
   • AccuWeather Forecast My customizable relating to lifestyle, may have an impact on your health and your outdoor activities.
   • Home screen widget with displaying two-day forecasts with weather alerts based on your GPS location and a clock. Resizable widgets for multiple sites are also available with more weather information.
  • Overlay radar throughout North America and Europe and worldwide satellite images on Google Maps ™ interactive maps images. A snapshot maps of each registered location is also accessible.
  • Bulletins and weather news in video form (often available both in English and Spanish).
look this video in order to know how to  use this app

InstaWeather Pro(8.50 MAD)

1 Weather App in the United States, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy and other countries 100
Downloaded over 17'000'000 times!
-. 'If you want to take your Instagram photos to another level, this could be the perfect app for you "
- "InstaWeather - bath social, sunbathing,"
- ". InstaWeather is ideal for displaying shots trips so that their followers do not only get an idea of ​​what is seen, but the cold or heat is"
- "This is a great way to customize your prediction" in Mrtaylor3234

- ". The idea is simple, the design is clean and it is a new way of communicating information"
for more look this video

eWeather HD(29.00 MAD)

  First application in the world with widgets weather map and map earthquakes.
eWeather HD is a visually stunning and full of features application. Get accurate weather information and forecasts to ten days, alerts and weather maps and temperature maps and multi-layered weather and so much more directly on your screen!
eWeather HD will help you plan your outdoor activities with amazing accuracy. Take a simple look at the weather and you will know when to take your shot clock umbrella! eWeather HD also includes interactive weather maps, maps of earthquakes and detailed maps of weather.
eWeather HD uses two sources (located in the USA and Europe) to bring you detailed hourly forecasts as well as forecasts to ten days. This multi-vendor system allows you to choose the most accurate weather data for your location.
Barometer - a diagram showing the pressure changes of the last 24 hours. You can now know the cause of headaches or migraines if they are related to changes in atmospheric pressure. A warning is displayed in red when the barometer detects changes by more than 0.2 inhg (5 mmHg)
for more look this video

Meteo Earth (34.99 MAD)
MeteoEarth is spectacular weather app MeteoGroup -. Developers also WeatherPro ***
After a professional tool used by broadcast TV presenters around the world, MeteoEarth gives life to the weather using the technology of video games and amazing graphics.
• Navigate on a world map in one click
• Zoom in and de-zoom and rotate the globe as if nothing had happened
• Put pause to highlight a particular weather situation and move back away easily on the situation
• Save an unlimited number of favorite places
• Follow Cloudy travel, thunderstorms, and systems of high and low pressure
• Choose which display layer (eg cloud cover, rain, wind, etc..) - The PREMIUM version can display multiple layers simultaneously
This interactive application will not fail to surprise you and to see a rainy front moving over Europe showing cloud cover, wind currents, rain or snow. Some of the new features include:
• The ability to access more detailed with stunning visual topography temperature maps
for more look this video

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the most famous games for android

the most famous games for android

       In the last 10 years ,the field of  games made ​​great progress, as 56% of the world population have smart phones and they  spend 80% of their time in the applications, that's why the market of games  has witnessed a boom unrivaled due  toThe growing demand for games by users of smart phones , and the total number of downloads for applications  has exceeded  29 billion in last year  by about 23% of downloads  for  the Games.

       In this article, I will show you the most  famous games for android (free and paid games),encourage us by sharing this post in social media or adding a comment 

 XCOM: Enemy Unknown(paid game)

      XCOM is one of the most famous games for android and it`s   a mix of strategy battle turn-round and long-term construction. Players participating in international missions to eliminate alien threats in an attempt to keep the global panic to a minimum. These combat scenarios require the use of smart cover, mobility and experience. Keep your team alive is not just a matter of doing through a level, because once a member has died, it is gone forever and you need to train a rookie to replace anything. Even if players earn rewards for completing missions, they must stay on the willingness of countries around the world for research funding to continue to come in new technologies as weapons, aircraft, infrastructure and much more determine whether humanity can prevent extinction. XCOM strategy game is well respected across multiple platforms, and is more than welcome to distribute on Android, especially without in-app purchases to fight.
Clumsy Ninja
      Clumsy Ninja found its way to Android recently, a casual wonderfully animated game. Players in their little doe ninja guide you through a workout regimen. This includes a trampoline, a punching bag, and even a dash of basketball by throwing the little wretch guys. As you master the various training tools, you will unlock new animations and the next level of equipment. There is no "win" real, and it barely qualifies as a game, but as an interactive toy, Clumsy Ninja is fantastic. Physics used to bring the ninja to life and how you react, for example, was hit in the head or tickle his belly is hard soft. Even the simple act of throwing it in the air and watch the scourge is beautiful. In this context, the freemium model is not a problem, since you are simply paying for the items completely option to play with. Oh, and if you have kids around, Clumsy Ninja hold indefinitely

Table Top Racing

       Table Top Racing has an incredible pedigree: the CEO of the promoter was the creator of the futuristic racer Wipeout PlayStation. Once you know this, it is easy to see the similarities - if these cars are small, they are fast and Lot weapons and power-ups, the picture looks more like a conventional driving game race kart racing. The game is freemium with both ads and PAI, but once you get past the actual ads disappear for money.
      With an impressive arsenal of power-ups and extravagant diverted to play with cars and tracks weapons are brought to life with the production values ​​of "triple A" referred to each pixel. Players can also earn coins to upgrade your car, unlock new cars, expand their firm weapons to blast his way to the front of the grid. , Simple controls are adapted "Table Top Racing frame rate at very low instantly playable in all compatible devices with a wonderful racing game that all players enjoy the mobile experience.

The Walking Dead: Season One

        Telltale Games has officially launched the popular adventure game The Walking Dead: Season One for Android. The Walking Dead: Season One, you play Lee Everett, a convicted felon, who is responsible for the protection of Clementine. Your actions affect the gameplay, so be sure to make the right choice, 

Flappy Bird

    Flappy Bird is one of those very popular and most famous games games for android that some of us just can not seem to understand. He writes a button for the bird flapping its wings, avoiding obstacles in the style of Mario landscape. That's it. The game is also maddeningly difficult because it is simple - you need to get your screen like crazy to clear higher jumps. If you are looking for a challenge that is easy to learn and play, that's all. At the time of writing, Flappy Bird has already been downloaded over 10 million times on Android in less than a week.

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Top 5 android apps in last week of may 2014


Top 5 android apps updates

 When we take a look at the applications most commonly used for this week. We found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to find those updated by the developers instead of actually identifying applications with the largest number of installations. As in the past, and we filter out minor updates on the ultra-popular applications that have more than 10 million installations, but exceptions for applications that have been important updates. We hope that this article which talk about top 5 apps updates   discover weekly applications are finally useful.

Top 5 android apps

Let`s star by two famous apps of google
Chrome Beta - Version 36.0.0
What's new in this version:
Improve the delivery of the text in non-mobile optimized sites.
Tips before you start writing.
Many bug fixes and performance improvements!
 Back to New Graphics tab.

Google Play Music - Version 5.5.15110

What's new in this version:
Recommendations for improving listening now with the ability to reject materials
They are sorted thumbs-up through a new modernity in playlist Thumbs Up
 Now you can share playlists in social media like facebook ,twitter google plus and pin it
 Improving Radio (All Access only)

Bank of America - Version 5.0.0

Last updates of this app

Check your available credit to credit cards

Simplified menu navigation

Edit or ± replacement request credit card

Find route numbers ACCT and easy with the new cards

Make an appointment with us

Add recipients from transferring personal contacts

BBC iPlayer - Version 4.0.0

Last updates or this app

We launched a new page on the main screen, channel and category with a new design.
Home, channel and category include all liberation groups - programs or episodes are linked on the basis of a series or a theme.
Translations are now available for downloading programs

Rdio - Version 2.9.2

What's new in this version:

Gapless playback. By popular demand, gapless playback is now available for subscribers to Rdio Unlimited, providing a seamless experience to listen to concerts, cabarets and live classical music. Available for Android 4.1 and higher.

 Various interface improvements and minor bug fixes.

mercredi 28 mai 2014

how to download and install telegram apps on your laptop

how to download and install telegram apps on your laptop

    Befor talking about how you can download and install telegram on your Laptop .i want to tell you that this apps messenger is the best ( it`s better than whatsapp ) because it`s has many features.

        Read this article in order to know why telegram is the best in messaging apps
How to download and install Telegram on your Laptop ( telegram for Windows and for Mac)
For using telegram on your Laptop ,sending images and videos  ,just follow  4 easy steps

Step 1: click this link and click on  download app player , After successfully installing the BlueStacks on your PC, open the BlueStacks App player.

Step 2:  On the HOME page of BlueStacks App Player, you will find a SEARCH bar on the Top Right side. Use the search bar and search for Telegram messenger
Step 3 : when you find the app, click it and then install the application from BlueStacks. The page will be redirected to the download page Play Store or the App Store, depending on the operating system and platform of the device you choose BlueStacks system.

Step 4:  Now click install and Accept the download and Install procedure just like you install any app in the Play Store or App Store. The app will be downloaded and installed on to your BlueStacks Emulator.

enjoy with it by adding contact and messaging them,enjoy with it by adding contact and messaging them
for more exclusive articles about android apps
for more exclusive articles about android apps

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which is better Telgram or WhatsApp

  Which is better telegram  vs WhatsApp?

       Text messaging applications accept become actual accepted as added humans use it to accumulate in blow with accompany and family. There are abounding applications that are already accessible argument messaging. Abounding of them are free, while others amount a little money.

       WhatsApp has over 500 million users and believe me this is a pretty big number. In fact, studies have shown that many people began to spend more time on Facebook than WhatsApp. This has made Facebook really think about it and guess what happened - Facebook has acquired WhatsApp 19 billion (which is more than the GDP of many countries).
      Who also said that many people are not convinced that offers WhatsApp (essentially limited to the number of people in group chats, etc.) the application and continue looking for a better alternative. With the acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook, many people want to make a change to something more secure and safe.
       Anyhow turns out that WhatsApp is not the only good mobile messenge.the strong competitor of WhatsApp is telegram messenger .it`s new messaging application ,it`s has more than 40 million users actives in worldwide
The main question is that which is the better WhatsApp or telegram?
I will show you the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram 
Let`s begin by WhatsApp

  •     Relatively slower
  •     You can use it only in one device
  •           Does not have app for computer. Need to use android emulator
  •           We don’t feel that there is any security issue
  •                      aid for some devices and free for some. Message keeps on popping up (at times) that you will need to buy the app
  •        Group chat with 25/30 people possible
  •         Can’t send big videos or images – it trims them down.


Ø  Relatively faster
Ø  Install the app on multiple devices and use it on any/all device
Ø  Has an app for computer as well (mobile apps are offcourse present)
Ø  Telegram is also faster and way more secure (claimed by Telegram)
Ø  Free and will remain free – open source app
Ø  Group Chat with 200 people
Ø  Send Pictures, Videos etc of upto 1GB of size
Thanks for reading this article next article we will talk about how to use telegram
For your opinion which is better telegram or whatsapp help us with wrting your commentaires 

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Which is better viber or whatsapp?

 Which is better viber or whatsapp?

Viber has landed the first punch, support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Since VoIP calls over a data connection, and you can use normal Wi - Fi network , you can make free calls to other Viber users call anywhere in the world.

  Just press a contact - as you would with people hub on the phone - and you will be redirected to their profile page , which allows you to make a call, send a message , e-mail or instant call / text mobile .

Viber is particularly easy to handle, especially when it comes to your application. Please enter your phone number, Viber and find everyone you know your phone number. As with WhatsApp, it is not necessary to remember usernames and additional passwords - just open the app and go.

  We also like Viber original design, with soft colors and used a cartoon owl made ​​an appearance in each of the different points of view. It may not add anything to the user , but it certainly gives the application of a kind look and feel.

WhatsApp offset by the ability to send a voice message at the push of a button. Just press the microphone icon in Messenger ; let go to stop recording . Press ' Send' and the other person receives the message. Wich is bettere viber or whatsapp?

  It is easy to see the profile information of other members WhatsApp, check the media content that is sent between access to contact information, or share this information with other friends. You can also add contacts to the home screen, which shows the dialogue WhatsApp touch of a button.

When it comes to multimedia files, click the attachment and you will be able to add images from your photo album, take a new picture, select, and upload videos, send audio files and share location information.

Which is better viber or whatsapp?

    Although both applications offer many of the same characteristics, we believe that everyone has his own super-competitive. Viber wins when it comes to voice calls. WhatsApp is a victory in the field of text and picture messaging. A great advantage they have in common is the ability to save a lot of money - especially when the long-distance communication Wi-Fi.

   The fact that each application has it's good just to have more attractive. With it being so easy to switch between applications, we would say that we have two winners ..

            Which is better viber or whatsapp ? Let us know in the comments below.


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