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Top 5 paid world cup apps 2014 for android

Top 5 paid world cup apps 2014  for android 

       Starting from today to July 13 will be the World Cup of soccer in 2014 in Brazil. This global event is expected Guibl of millions all over the world. Estimates indicate that more than one billion viewers will watch the matches live on television or online. lovers of this sport  like to follow the latest news of this event ( time and the result of any match,the news of gruops ,staduims ..)
    In this article  we will talk about the top 5 paid world cup 2014  app for ondroid of world cup ,encourage us by adding your comment

Top 5 paid  world cup apps 2014  for android 

the features of this app

Watch games on the home screen; 
Information on a particular group (games, team and country); 
About the stage for the World Cup; 
New choice; 
And summoned the players; 
Update data in real time; 
Watch a game in progress on the main screen.

the features of this app

(Includes all features / languages ​​of the free version, but without ads, and more Vuvuzelas World Rankijngs link - button 'R' central) 
★ Countdown to 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil 
★ Fifa World Cup 2014 News 
★ Videos + additional news 
★ World Cup match games 
★ World Cup match results 
★ Table of previous winners 
★ World Cup and finalists 
★ Some files World Cup interesting 
★ World Cup 2014 Pro Free Ad 
★ World Cup 2014 Pro includes Vuvuzela sounds 
★ Display of vuvuzelas on screen countdown to the World Cup Pro 2014 can be enabled / disabled 
★ The World Cup 2014 APP has been localized for the most used languages 
★ Galaxy tablet as compatible (and other tablets)

World Cup Premiere Pro

the features of this app

The best and most complete application to track and not miss any detail of the Brazil 2014 World Cup. 
Follow the results of matches and classification of teams participating in the World Cup Brazil 2014. 
Buy the Pro version and receive notifications of goals live, real-time games. 
Features Pro Version: 
1 - Notification of live real-time when going out of the games goals of selections. 
2 - Removal of advertisements. 

Wait for more news on upcoming releases. I hope you enjoy and evaluate with 5 stars! 

Brazil 2014 World Cup - Pro

the features of this app

GoPro - ad-free version of your favorite application. The six FIFA regions in all time zones. Qualify for the final. Set your favorite team and calendars to see the results, and group calendars wise results, the countdown in all time zones, groups, points, reminders, news, ratings Format, Facebook, Twitter, G+, time limit for spaces date, sequential and more.
• Information about the six FIFA regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Central America, Oceania and South America
• Set your favorite team
• Setting the Time Zone
• Schedule & Results Team wise,
• Qualifications: schedules, results, teams, regions, groups and Points
• Schedules and Results that device for your time and all time zones.

• Final: Schedule dates, places and at different stages of the competition 

Listen to all of the World Cup matches LIVE.
Don't miss a game no matter where you are... at work, at play or on the road.
Catch every game live right on your device.

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